20 morceaux pour guitare (20 pieces for guitar).


1. Sonata op. 15
2. Grande Ouverture op. 61
3. Sonatina no. 3 op. 71
4. Gran Sonata Eroica op. 150
5. Six Variations sur les Folies d’Espagne op. 45
6. Variazioni sulla Romanza dall’opera Ruhm und Liebe op. 105
7. Variations sur un thème de G.F. Handel op. 107
8. Sei grandi variazioni op. 112
9. Gran variazioni op. 114
10. Niaiserie d’enfant varié op. 41
11. Fughetta op. 113
12. Le Rossiniane no. 1 op. 119
13. Le Giulianate op. 148

Mauro Giuliani is considered today to have been the most important guitarist-composer of the early nineteenth century. Not only was Giuliani the foremost player of his day: his fame reached far beyond the realm of guitar enthusiasts, earning him aplace among the musical élite as a complete, versatile musician. Even so, by the end of the nineteenth century he was largely forgotten and his music managed to retain little more than a marginal presence in the repertory of the great guitarists ofthe early twentieth century. The current revitalization of his work owes its origins to the monumental research begun by Thomas Heck in 1971 and continued by Ruggero Chiesa,Mario Torta, Marco Riboni, and Gerhard Pen. Thanks to the dedication of thesescholars, Giuliani’s music has progressively returned to its erstwhile prominence in the performing repertory.

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20 morceaux pour guitare (20 pieces for guitar). Sonata op. 15, Ouverture op. 61, Sonatina op. 71, Gran sonata eroica op. 150, Six Variations op. 45, Sei grandi variazioni op. 112, Fughetta op. 113, Rossiniana n. 1, Giulianate, etc


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