BACH Il Clavicembalo Ben Temperato vol. 1. Urtext, Henle


The world-famous pianist András Schiff, a most familiar name to Bach fans on account of his complete recordings of Bach’s piano works, has provided fingerings for both parts of the Well-Tempered Clavier. He discusses aspects of performance practice in a detailed preface. The basis for the musical text was Henle’s revised edition of Part I published in 1997 and Yo Tomita’s revision of Part II (Spring 2007). A detailed commentary rounds off the editions. Both parts of the Well-Tempered Clavier are also available as Henle Urtext editions without fingerings and as study editions.

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Autore: BACH J.S.
Editore: HENLE
Revisore: THEOPOLD
Organico: CEMBALO
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Il Clavicembalo Ben Temperato Volume 1. Urtext, Henle Verlag


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