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At just 34 years of age, Théodore Dubois was installed as a professor of harmony at the Paris Conservatoire. Whilst much of his compositional works have disappeared from primary classical repertoire, histeaching has had a lasting influence. Having taught successful composers, including Paul Dukas, it is clear that Dubois” Treaty of Harmony is well-informed.

This music theory studyguide covers a considerable range of theoretical aspects, from the varying musical clefs to the use of pedal notes, as well many other harmonic devices with expertise. During the preface, Dubois explains the need forhisbook, stating that it fills the gaps in harmonic theory exercises which preceding guides had missed. With no harmonic elements left out, this Théodore Dubois theory guide is necessary to accompany all musicstudies.

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Anno: 1999
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Trattato d’Armonia. Teoria e Pratica. Francia, Edizioni Heugel


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