HAYDN Little early Sonatas


The piano sonatas in this volume were presumably written for teaching purposes and probably even before Haydn’s appointment to the court of Prince Esterházy in 1761. The designation “Little early Sonatas” does not stem from Haydn, but rather from the editor of this Urtext edition, the doyen of Haydn philology Georg Feder, who gathered together these short works, which were written for “aficionados”, into a group of sonatas. G. Henle Publishers is now issuing these charming compositions, which are particularly suitable for piano instruction, in a revised edition. It contains not only commentary texts reflecting the current state of research, but also new, inspiring fingerings by nine well-known pianists.

Klaus Schilde (Hob. XVI:1 C-dur)
Yaara Tal (Hob. XVI:7 C-dur)
Markus Bellheim (Hob. XVI:8 G-dur)
Carmen Piazzini (Hob. XVI:9 F-dur)
Jacob Leuschner (Hob. XVI:10 C-dur)
Rolf Koenen (Hob. XVI:G1 G-dur)
Dirk Mommertz (Hob. XVII:D1 D-dur)
Michael Schneidt (Hob. XVI:3 C-dur)
Sophie Pacini (Hob. XVI:4 D-dur)

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Autore: HAYDN F.J.
Editore: HENLE
Revisore: FEDER
Organico: PF
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Little early Sonatas (Piccole Sonate) Urtext


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