Johannes Brahms and His Friends


Johannes Brahms could count more prominent musical personalities among his friends than most 19th-century composers. The present anthology album offers a representative selection of piano music by these Brahms friends, foregrounding the second half of the 19th century. Chosen here have been small-scaled works of medium difficulty, which are equally suitable for performance and teaching purposes. The text section outlines, among other things, Brahms’s complex rapport with his friends, while the critical report provides information about the sources used and the editorial decisions

Des Liebsten Schwur (Brahms/Kirchner), Minnelied (Brahms/Kirchner), Wie bist du, meine Königin (Brahms/Kirchner), Fantasiestück (Bruch), Menuett (Dessoff), Novelette (Dessoff), Kanon (Dietrich), Klavierstück A-dur (Dietrich), Klavierstück D-dur (Dietrich), Abendlandschaft (Grimm), Elegie (Grimm), Elfenchor (Grimm), Fliegende Blätter Nr. 1 (Grädener), Fliegende Blätter Nr. 4 (Grädener), 2 Klavierstücke (Herzogenberg), 3 Klavierstücke (Herzogberg), Fantastische Tänze Nr.6 (Herzogenberg), Fantastische Tänze Nr.4 (Herzogenberg), Versuch eines Tanzes (joachim), Sieben Walzer (Kirchner), Fantasie (Rudorff), Thema Es-Dur (Schumann),3 Romanzen op. 21 (schumann, Clara), Scherzo aus dem Klavierquintett Es-dur op. 44 (Schumann/Brahms)

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Autore: BRAHMS J.
Revisore: DRAHEIM
Organico: PF
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Johannes Brahms and His Friends. Works for Piano


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