LISZT Annees de pelerinage, Premiere Annee. Urtext


The three volumes of the “Années de pèlerinage” belong to the core of Liszt’s piano oeuvre. In the first volume, “Suisse”, the composer realised impressions of an extended sojourn in Switzerland in 1835/36. The pieces, for the most part published already in 1840/41, were later substantively reworked by Liszt, and the collection enlarged by two numbers, until it received its final form in 1855. For the revision of the Henle Urtext edition, it was possible for the first time to also take into account the engraver’s copy of the first edition that was once again accessible. The resulting modification in the weighting of the sources and further important new findings in Liszt research are presented in detail in the preface and the comments. We were able to enlist the Swiss pianist Francesco Piemontesi for the fingerings.

Chapelle de Guillaume Tell
Au lac de Wallenstadt
Au bord d’une source
Vallée d’Obermann

Autore: LISZT F.
Editore: HENLE
Revisore: JOST
Organico: PF
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Annees de pelerinage, Premiere Annee – Suisse (Primo anno, Svizzera). Urtext, Henle Verlag


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