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Move up to the next step of Jazz Conception with this terrific book by Lennie Niehaus! The exercises and pieces inside are of intermediate standard and build on the concepts and techniques found in the two previous Basic Levelbooks. All 45 studies tackle a different Jazz feel, with melodies that reflect the styles of swing, cool, bop and more.

While focussing on technique this splendid method is one which clearly stresses the fundamentalrhythms, articulations and phrasings commonly used by Jazz groups. These are the keys that unlock proper Jazz conception and are the elements which usually requires the most time. This method can save you months or evenyears!

The first section of this book consists of twenty Jazz exercises, each stressing different rhythmic patterns which reinforce important elements. The second section consists of twenty-five tunes which utilise thematerial initiated within the exercises, making this an invaluable source for the young saxophone player.

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Intermediate Jazz Conception for Saxophone (20 Jazz Exercises, 25 Jazz Etudes). Con CD allegato. Try Publishing


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