PURCELL Dido and Aeneas. Vocal Score. Stainer & Bell


The Purcell Society’s major new redaction of Dido and Aeneas was issued in 2021, and the vocal score reflects the latest thinking in terms of source studies and historical musicology, of which a full account is given in the parent volume. It is hoped that singers, players, producers and students will be inspired to an ever-deeper appreciation of Purcell’s masterpiece by placing in their hands this latest edition of the opera, in the form that is both of impeccable scholarly provenance, and of wide practical application for performers. ABOUT THE PURCELL SOCIETY EDITION The publications of the Purcell Society have since its foundation in 1876 remained the benchmark for authoritative texts of the composer’s music. In 2007, Stainer & Bell were invited to undertake completion of the ‘new’ Purcell Society Edition, a project begun in the 1970s to re-issue in 33 volumes a fundamentally re-edited edition of the composer’s entire output, featuring new texts throughout, and prepared by leading Purcell scholars of the day.

Autore: PURCELL H.
Editore: STAINER
Revisore: WOOD
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Dido and Aeneas. Vocal Score. New Edition edited by Bruce Wood. Stainer & Bell (UK)


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