SCHUBERT Tanze (Dances – Danze). Per pianoforte. Urtext, Henle


Schubert at the piano, with his inexhaustible wealth of dance melodies, his friends around him dancing and playing jokes – this is one of the traditional images of Schubert that we so cherish. The term Schubertiade invented for this kind of get-together is now solidly established.

In this selection of the loveliest and most frequently played dances, one finds 59 waltzes, 40 ländler or Deutsche as well as four écossaises and a minuet. In selecting the works, care was taken to ensure that individual pieces of more or less the same level of difficulty are grouped together (from easy to medium: 3 to 5).

  • 12 Waltzes op. 18 D 145
  • 15 Waltzes from “First Waltzes” op. 9 D 365
  • Trio to be regarded as lost son of a Minuet D 610
  • Variation on a Waltz by A. Diabelli D 718
  • 16 Ländler and two Ecossaises op. 67 D 734
  • 18 Waltzes from “34 Valses sentimentales” op. 50 D 779
  • 16 German Dances and two Ecossaises op. 33 D 783
  • 8 Ländler from: 12 German Dances named “Ländler” op. post. 171 D 790
  • 6 German Dances D 820
  • Waltz named “Albumblatt” D 844
  • 12 Grazer Waltzes op. 91 D 924
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Tanze (Dances – Danze). Una selezione di danze per pianoforte. Urtext, Henle


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